Interview with Aletta Ocean

There are many explanations why Aletta Ocean 2017 was the most wanted American porn actress on Google and Pornhub. She markets herself and her profession everywhere: on Instagram, where half a million people follow her, on influencer Katja Krasavice’s YouTube channel, where she can choose to shove sausages or a one-meter balloon down her throat, or with appearances at Supertalent. If you ask the 24-year-old herself, it’s because of her passion for eroticism. Or maybe videos like “Double dildo on the motorway bridge” are simply the reason why the Hamburg native has been googled more often than Angela Merkel at times last year.

Aletta Ocean could hardly have guessed this when she shot her first amateur video four years ago in the dormitory of a fellow student. While others finance their studies with waitressing jobs, Aletta Ocean earned her pocket money with “Student in the dormitory juiced”. Four semesters later she dropped out of her studies in shipping logistics to concentrate on porn. Today, Aletta produces her clips almost entirely on her own.

Aletta is a media professional, we realize that when we meet her in Berlin. She doesn’t like the photos our photographer took of her, she sends others before the interview is published.

VICE: Don’t Americans like professional porn anymore?
Aletta Ocean: Amateur porn is a big thing in America. I think people want to be in contact with the actors and see something more tangible than some porn star who can only write a fan letter to. With some viewers it almost feels like a friendship: We know a lot about each other and they share their sexual fantasies with me. Because I produce my films 100 percent myself, they can express wishes that I then try to realize.

After graduation, others go to Lloret, you’ve started your first clip. Why did you start with porn so young?
I have always been interested in eroticism. As a teenager I watched all these erotic reports on TV. One of them was about amateur porn and I thought I could do that too. I then googled for information for nights on end. Then I decided to try it. The timing was perfect: I was 19, I had just graduated from high school and there was no school that could forbid me anything. As a student I would have needed some pocket money on the side and the contract of my waitress job had just expired.

In one of your clips you pee in a glass at a wholesale store and put it back on the shelf. Do you have to think of more and more extreme things to keep the audience happy?
The weirder a video is, the better it gets. But it’s not like people pressure me to do more extreme things. It’s more up to me: I still want to go one better and push the limits further. I see the amateur industry a bit like YouTube with sexual content and this approach inspires me to make my videos: I look at challenges and try to make them in a pornographic way. People love it and I enjoy such small bets and games. My challenges are then called “How far can you splash?” or “How many shocks do you need to get?

How has this job affected your sex life?
I had my first time when I was 14. I was never a child of sadness, but I didn’t have an incredible number of sex partners either. My job simply accelerated my sexual development. I lived my sexuality younger than others my age.

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