Alette Ocean on how life is going right now and future plans

Los Angeles – Aletta Ocean has made a name for itself in the erotic industry for years. Business is tough, filming is exhausting. Actresses have to prove themselves in endurance and discipline – this is what most young stars fail.

Aletta Ocean is one of the few erotic actresses who have held out – and that for ten years now. Despite her mature age for the industry, the Ukrainian-born actress is the most famous porn star, she is adored by thousands of men. Among them she has found her dream prince.

“I have been in love since January. I don’t want to tell you who,” says Aletta Ocean in conversation with us.

It’s the third serious relationship in the blonde’s life. “My last partnership lasted eight years. The one before that, five. I’m a faithful soul when I love a man.”

But what is the booty call of a porn star? Who can win the heart of Aletta Ocean?

“He must stand by my job and make me laugh – that’s what matters most to me,” says the 34-year-old. According to Aletta, being with a porn star is “not complicated at all”. “The men know what I do. Sure – jealousy and bitchiness are common in such a relationship. But what relationship isn’t?”

Tall, short, brown, blond? “I don’t care. I just have to like him, period.” Absolute contract breakers are lies, infidelity “and if he’s in love with himself”.

For Aletta Ocean, a stable relationship was always more important than a single life. “While I’ve enjoyed the time, as a single man, you can do whatever you want. But I often felt very alone, which was bad.”

The biggest partnership insight the Berlin woman has made in recent years: “There’s no such thing as the man of your dreams. Everyone has faults. We just have to learn to deal with them.”

For the future she wants a pompous wedding and children. She doesn’t need a big house: “A nice apartment will do. I’ll have less to clean!”

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