Aletta on her first time having sex

Meanwhile, sex is the order of the day for her, but this was not always the case.

The porn industry is booming. Hundreds of films are made every day. It often gets crazier and dirtier. Even the porn stars started out small.

Aletta Ocean didn’t have any fun the first time she saw them: “All I remember is that I was about 16 years old. … I remember that it hurt and I bled afterwards. It had nothing to do with feelings of happiness back then. That’s probably why I’ve repressed it over the years. … I definitely had more fun on my first porn shoot than I did my first time.”

“And what may sound hard to imagine now I wanted to be sure that it wasn’t just a one-night stand, but that I was saving myself for something more serious. She can hardly remember the sex itself: “He was lying on top of me in the missionary position and was very careful. It didn’t take long, though.”

“It happened at my boyfriend’s house in his bed – I think it was lunchtime. We were going to a party later that night, so we snuggled up in bed before. Yeah, and then it just happened.” She was disappointed afterwards because it didn’t take very long: “So, in summary: …my first time was a brief moment of pleasure.”

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